“Surfing as a Dance: How one woman found grace in and out of the water”


It’s over two years since my first book “the dharma of surfing: wisdom from the water for life” was published and I’m thrilled to announce that my second book will be released in early December 2018.

“Surfing as a Dance: How one woman found grace in and out of the water” is a memoir about my unlikely surfing life and reinvention as a surfing, yoga and fitness instructor at the age of 50. But it’s more than a story about surfing and reinvention … it’s a love letter describing how I came to find joy, delight and meaning in life.

This is a beautiful book crafted collaboratively with photographer Alison Gowland (Currumbin Ali), designer Ingrid Schroder and editor Dianna Timmins. There are 21 stories and poems included alongside an array of dreamscape ocean and surfing photographs in a gorgeously designed grown-up storybook.

Here is our book trailer.

The book is in full colour, it’s hardback and is 20cm x 20cm – a perfect companion book. In fact, it’s a sister book to “dharma” and we hope it will become like a dear friend to our readers – a book that speaks with compassion and wisdom about the journeys and stories we all share.

“Surfing as a Dance” will be officially launched on December 8 2018 at Currumbin on Queensland’s Gold Coast. It will available direct from me, Sally MacKinnon or online at Amazon and other book retailers from this date.

During Summer 2018, Sally will be hosting a series of Summer Story Sessions for “Surfing as a Dance” across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW where we will share our stories of love for the sea. Please contact Sally if you’re interested in attending or hosting a Summer Story Session – writer’s groups, book clubs, surf clubs, community libraries, cafes and surf shops are particularly welcome to be in touch about hosting a session.

“the dharma of surfing” is released


Welcome! Thanks for dropping by to greet the arrival of “the dharma of surfing: wisdom from the water for life” a beautiful new hardcover book collection of 52 surf-life wisdoms and full colour photographs.

“the dharma of surfing” is written by surfing, yoga and fitness instructor Sally MacKinnon who lives and works in the mountains and beaches of South East Queensland Australia. Evocative full colour photographs are by surfer-sailor Scotty Johnson and educator Huon MacKinnon-Farnworth.

“the dharma of surfing” is a love letter to life…

It is a book for everyone that invites readers to dive into surfing and the ocean as a metaphor for life and also offers practical guidance to surfers of all levels for when they are out in the big blue.

“Surfing is more than standing up on a surfboard. It is, I believe, the language of ‘Oceanspeak’ of feet on waves, of heart in sky, of breath and body in synch with Mother Nature.

“Perhaps if we surf with a spirit of sharing, connection, love, mindfulness, gratitude, humility, joyfulness, awareness, playfulness and curiosity then we might also take those qualities further into our lives as a right way of living”

(from the Introduction to “the dharma of surfing: wisdom from the water for life”).

“the dharma of surfing” is available from June 2016. To purchase a copy direct from author/publisher Sally MacKinnon for $A30 + postage email her on: Sally MacKinnon

It can also be purchased online at the Book Depository  and at Amazon.

Sally was recently interviewed about “the dharma of surfing”  on ABC Gold Coast Radio by Nadia Sunde. You can listen to this 12 minute interview here